Torture is not a game, says Amnesty

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Amnesty has reacted to the launch of a new computer viral promoting the film Saw IV where players torture celebrities using electric drills, knives and spiked clubs. It is called the chamber of torture, even looking at the design of the webpage makes me feel sick. I really don't understand, how sick one should be to enjoy such thing.
"Torture isn't something funny that happens to celebrities. It's horrific and it is happening right now to real people. "If people want to see what's really going on - and do something to stop it - they should join the thousands who've Unsubscribed from torture and terror at " Said Sara MacNeice, Amnesty International UK.


Unsubscribe Me is an Amnesty International campaign to unite against the human right abuse that is taking place in the name of "war on terror". On the main page there is a video of a performance artist undergoing, for real, interrogation techniques permitted in the CIA handbook. I added the widget of this campaign with the video in this post if you want to watch it see the rest of this post.

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