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Sami Ben Gharbia of GlobalVoices has created the Access Denied Map, an interactive Google Maps mashup that provides information about the censorship targeting various online social networking communities and web-based applications. The picture above which I made from the video of his post in GlobalVoices shows countries that censor participative Web and user-generated content. For those who are living in free countries it is good to know the level of censorship by looking at this map; it will surprise you. 
If you want to know which web pages are censored in China to get an idea of the level of censorship, you can take a look at the great firewall of China. Well; personally I do understand censorship as I come from a country that is listed as one of the leaders in press suppression. Also personally I've experienced censorship as the small group weblog which I used to write in, with an average of 300 readers per day was censored inside the country, let alone other bigger websites.
Global Voices Advocacy: Access Denied Map

Thanks to Sami, and good luck to everyone fighting for freedom of press.

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