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Leila as part of a weblog game, has introduced (in Persian) 5 of the most effective books she has ever read, and has invited 5 others including Jadi to join the game and introduced their books. I'm not in between the invited people but after reading her post I started thinking about the books that had the most effect on me, so I jump in the game without invitation. Here are the books that first came into my mind:

  1. Definitely the most effective book which also has shaped sort of my choice of studying was a novel written by Isaac Assimov, called "The Death Dealers", It is a story of a Biochemistry professor whose research student dies while performing an experiment due to wrong usage of Sodium Cyanide instead of Sodium Acetate. It was not the only book I read from Assimov, as he was one of my favorite authors, but the story had such an effect on me that I became a Biochemist.
  2. One of the first long novels I ever read was Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, I guess I was about 11 years old (or younger) when my dad bought it for me. I can still remember the shop we bought it from and my happiness carrying the book home!
  3. Animal Farm by Geroge Orwell is a classic and for me and many others from my country has live examples!
  4. The next book is "All quiet on the Western Front" (German: Im Westen nichts Neues), written by Erich Maria Remarque, a German veteran of World War I. This great book is about the horrors of war.
    Hmmmm I already said four books but there are so many more that I have in mind right now! 
  5. I think between all the other books I'll choose Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". Novels written by Mark Twain are between the novels that I first thought about, when I read Leila's post.
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dear friend
most important thing for me was copy right. So the discussion was about free software not cracked softwares

Leila said:

Nice to see:)

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