Inside a Cell

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When I was doing my B.Sc. and M.Sc. I can say the only resource of learning we had were books. Nowadays there are so many scientific resources available online most of which are free (at least for educational and research purposes), that can make learning easier for students. I came across this award winning animation by BioVision at Harvard which is graphically reproduction of some of the important phenomena's inside the cell. It is called The Inner Life of a Cell. I'm sure this short version with the amazing music you see bellow, anyone can enjoy even if you're not a biologist. As a biologist/Molecular biologist I suggest that after watching the short form also watch the complete version with the explanation on their homepage.  I love the part showing the Motor protein carrying a vesicle along the microtubules.
I also use this opportunity to introduce this valuable webpage: MolecularMovies is an amazing collection of cell and molecular animations, you can surf through them and enjoy.

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EuroYank said:

Too much education can be a bad thing, but knowing too much can also lead to insanity. My advice is to stay stupid and educated. Then you have it covered!

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