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Moving to Wordpress!

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The reason I'm not updating my blog are two:
First reason is that I've been too busy with work during the last weeks, even now that is Sunday I've spent it at work all day!
The second and maybe the main reason is that I've been trying to set up everything to move my blog to WordPress. I decided to move to wordpress because it is an OpenSource and on the other hand my webhost supports it better.
Movable Type is a great management system but unfortunately when you have the personal free version there is no support for it and also I had problems with some of the features in my host so I thought would be a good Idea to move to wordPress and also move the weblog to the root of FreeLantern so if you are linking to my weblog please correct your links to Free Lantern.
I've also set up a Persian blog for myself, so I'll be also writing from time to time in Persian.
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I saw this video in Britt Bravo's blog, it is a music video created by of the Black Eyed Peas based on Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" speech. As today is an important day I thought I'd share it here with you. Watch the video:
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