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Some good news

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Getting close to the end of the year there are some good news for human rights activists: 

UN Calls for Moratorium on Death Penalty: The global campaign against the death penalty secured a landmark victory on Tuesday when the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the call for a worldwide moratorium (suspension) on executions. In a landslide result, 104 UN member states voted in favour of the ground-breaking resolution. 54 countries voted against, while there were 25 abstentions.

Also see:

 UN General Assembly calls for a global moratorium

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Summer Olympics

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The 2008 Summer Olympics will take place from 8-24 August 2008 in Beijing, while China still remains one of the countries with most human rights abuse in the world and it is the biggest prison for journalists and cyber-dissidents. This Olympics is a good chance to pressure the Chinese regime to respect the human rights issues. China's hosting of the Olympics provides it with a unique opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to human rights Amnesty International has a campaign to make sure that this opportunity does not pass by without notice, action and sustained improvements. Here are the links for and campaign pages, you can go to these pages and take action.

Human Rights for China - Amnesty International
Also take a look at the following webpage which is a campaign for Tibet, go to the page and watch the comic film:

In this weblog you can find a collection of other campaigns.
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What more to say?

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  • Can you believe this? A raid against women wearing boots! Well believing will be easier when you know that for the occasion of international Human rights Day (10th of December), an Iranian governmental official said that International deceleration of Human rights doesn't fit with Islamic rules! (Roozonline, Persian) So he thinks that the deceleration should be reviewed and those about Women rights should be changed to fit the Islamic rules, So much for all those trying to say that human rights and Islam are not in contrast.
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