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PCR Song!

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Those of you who have something to do with biology know the importance of PCR in molecular biology today, for those of you who don't know what Polymerase Chain Reaction is (or don't care), in short one can say PCR did the same thing to Molecular Biology research that Transistor did to electronics! This is a video-song called PCR song, watching it you can also know a bit more what PCR can do! The song was made as an advertisement for Bio-Rad PCR machines and similar to USA for Africa song! In the rest of this post I also attach the Lyrics. Here you can find the original video and download it. I like it when at the end one of the guys is dancing with a PCR machine! ;))

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Happy hollidays!!

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This is so true so I also say:

Happy make-your-kids-into-greedy-little-materialistic-consumption-addicts Day! 

I'm on holidays!


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Bush's Christmass wish by Daryl Cagle, on the same page you can also see other cartoons about Bush's christmass.
© Daryl Cagle

Looking at this cartoon I remembered that Nikahang had a cartoon a while ago (when the report of US intelligence was published) with quite similar idea, I thought I'll post that one here too:

Bush: Mahmoud, with this report we cannot start a fight for the moment...
The others are saying: NO!

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PhD comics

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PhD comics is a great website for all that are doing PhD work, have done it, or are doing scientific work! Just surf through it and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. This one is the story of witting papers:

"Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham


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