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Small World Competetion

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Nikon has an annual competition called International Small World Competition which is meant for those involved in photography through the light microscope. The following picture is the second place winner. Real beauty, isn't it? The picture is a fluorescent picture of a 3 day old embryonic zebra fish brain. Michael Hendricks, has taken this picture as part of his PhD work.

Hendricks-10241-3.jpg For more great pictures go to the web page of this competition and watch these amazing photo's. On the other hand some of my colleagues might wanna take part in the next year's competition.
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Beautiful flying fishes

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As I was surfing in the internet I saw these beautiful pictures of Mobula Ray, in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. In this page you can read about them and see some more pictures.

Talking about fishes and ocean, a while ago I was discussing with a colleague that how few is our knowledge about ocean and the living things in it. Although ocean is accessible (or at least more accessible than space) we still don't know many things about it (even less than what we know of space).
I just read in "The Gear Beyond" (Nature's blog) that an international group of marine scientists met at the weekend to ask for $3 billion. Good luck for them as this money will boost up the research in this field.
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