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PCR Song!

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Those of you who have something to do with biology know the importance of PCR in molecular biology today, for those of you who don't know what Polymerase Chain Reaction is (or don't care), in short one can say PCR did the same thing to Molecular Biology research that Transistor did to electronics! This is a video-song called PCR song, watching it you can also know a bit more what PCR can do! The song was made as an advertisement for Bio-Rad PCR machines and similar to USA for Africa song! In the rest of this post I also attach the Lyrics. Here you can find the original video and download it. I like it when at the end one of the guys is dancing with a PCR machine! ;))

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Stem Cell

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  • Interesting news in Stem Cell Research: Nature News, A California company has brought human cloning research to a new level with efficient production of cloned human blastocysts. If you want to be updated about stem cell research news, Nature Reports Stem Cells is a valuable resource.
  • I saw this amazing video of Dolphins playing with air bubbles in Pharyngula, thought I'll share it here too.
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One of the great advantages of the growth of internet especially for scientists is the amount of freely available resources that one can find. Many of these resources are freely available for non commercial and educational purposes, like the valuable power point goldmine I introduced here!
When I was doing my bachelor so many online resources were not available and I do remember that even an important database like Medline was not freely available (you could buy them on CD's) as it is now in PubMed. I'll share the useful pages I find or I'm using in this weblog so that the friends and colleagues can also use them. If you find them useful or know other resources please leave a comment.
  • DNA Interactive is a page with valuable information for students and teachers. I'm sure you'll enjoy going through the pages. You can go to the players section to watch interviews with scientists in each research area.
  • DNA from the beginning is another useful page for students and those want to learn about DNA.
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